Furniture with Character Vol. 30

Furniture with Character Vol. 30

Mar 29th 2022

Oh, that? Don’t worry, it’s just our furniture talking. They do that all the time. Let’s have a listen.

Huntington Heights Collins Sofa HH302-38

Huntington Heights: Collins Sofa

I’ve heard that some find me a bit… intimidating. I get it. Just look at me. I’m a sight to behold. Like something you’d see in a high-end office or sitting room. A sophisticrafted sofa owned by discerning people who use fancy words like “sitting room.”

But you don’t have to tiptoe around me. I promise I’m comfortable. Go ahead. Take 

a break and melt into my plush cushions.

And don’t get me started on the luxuriousness of my leather. So smooth and supple… and available in over a dozen elegant neutrals to compliment your decor.

My clean edges and striking accents offer an unmatched chiqueness and accentuate the eye-catching aesthetic of your room.

Intimidating? No. Impressive? Yes.

So don’t be shy. Bring me home and lounge like the highly-regarded socialite you are.

Avery Bedroom

When you look at me, don’t be surprised if you hear Mr. Legend singing on the jukebox in your mind:

“Love your curves and all your edges...”

I am simply stunning, if I do say so myself. And unique too! I mean, did you even know it was possible to find furniture with lines like mine?

My gorgeous soft, rounded edges will lure you into a deep, cozy sleep… no matter the time of day!

But I’m more than just dressers and a bed. My collection also features a variety of desks and TV stands to give your office or living room some classic continuity. Each piece is sophisticrafted with your choice of durable, long-lasting wood and finish stain to suit your style.

So, c’mon, take me home. You know you want to…

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