Furniture with Character Vol. 31

Furniture with Character Vol. 31

Mar 29th 2022

We try to enforce bedtimes around our storerooms, but our bedroom furniture is always staying up all night chatting with friends. Here’s what they’re talking about.

Annabelle Tate JYS1 Sleeper

I’m not going to beat around the bush. If you want a straightforward classic sleeper, I’m the sofa for you. Because I stick to the basics.

Simple, stylish, clean, and cushy. Who could ask for anything more?

Annabelle Tate Just Your Style JYS 1 Sofa AT8000-10

I provide the perfect spot for sipping your morning tea, cozying up for a mid-afternoon book break, or a round of late-night binge watching. And I’m always available for some straight-up lounging.

Houseguests? Bring ‘em. I put the sleep in sleeper sofa. Simply remove my seat cushions and pull out a ready-to-go queen-sized mattress.

Dress me up (or down) in a variety of optionizable colors and fabrics to fit the vibe of any room.

Simply put, I’m the most perfect versatile sofa sleeper around.

How’s that for straightforward?

Grayson Bedroom

I may look modern and contemporary, but believe me…I have an old soul.

My elegant clean lines and worn antique finish are simple and sleek. I’m sophisiticrafted from your choice of maple, oak, or cherry wood. And you can choose from a variety of stains to perfectly match your bedroom aesthetic.

As Shown: Maple French Gray, Size: Queen

Working together, my cozy bed frame, sturdy nightstand, two spacious chests of drawers, and one marvelous mirror really brings the room together. But why stop with the bedroom? Check out my spectacular living and dining room pieces, too!

Classic plus contemporary equals me. My look transcends time. And your future generations will thank you.

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