Careers in Furniture Building

Each piece is custom built for our customers in their choice of lumber, finish, fabric/leather offerings and multiple hardware offerings. As one of our furniture builders, you will be responsible for creating high-quality custom furniture pieces that exemplify craftsmanship and attention to detail. Collaborating closely with clients and designers, you will interpret design specifications, blueprints, and sketches to bring unique furniture concepts to life. Your expertise in selecting appropriate materials, utilizing a wide range of tools, and employing various woodworking techniques will be crucial in crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces. You will demonstrate proficiency in joinery, carving, shaping, and finishing, ensuring each furniture item meets or exceeds established standards of quality and durability. Your role will also encompass maintaining a safe and organized workshop environment, managing project timelines, and providing exceptional customer service. As one of our team, you will contribute to the creation of lasting, beautiful furniture that enhances living spaces and enriches the lives of clients.

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