Delivery of your new furniture in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan is handled "In House" by "Our" professional delivery staff. We do not subcontract this important job out to a third party. This allows us much better control of the scheduling of your delivery and the premium experience you receive during delivery. Our delivery staff cares about you and your furniture.

Our delivery drivers are paid on an incentive plan for completing a delivery 100% accurate and perfect the first time. This means that our drivers pay extra attention when loading their trucks to eliminate mistakes. They are extra careful to properly wrap and load furniture. They coddle your furniture like it's their new born baby. Extreme care is taken in your home with walls, floors, carpeting, and other furniture. As an end result, our drivers complete over 98% of their deliveries perfect the first time. Through the incentive program, we have the best paid delivery drivers in the industry, allowing us to hand pick our applicants for these positions. Our drivers are professional, knowledgeable, and excessively courteous.

You will be impressed, as the delivery experience you receive from Penny Mustard will compliment the quality of the furniture that will arrive at your home.