Our Differences

Handmade Furniture

Close relationships with local craftsmen create the Penny Mustard Difference. Over 90% of our products are handmade in the rural areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota. By working directly with these local builders, we are able to offer you an unequaled selection of unique and exclusive bedroom furniture, while maintaining an unsurpassed standard of quality.

Handmade Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture Construction

Solid wood furniture of today is destined to become an heirloom of tomorrow. Because solid wood mellows and ages with time, solid-wood furniture actually grows more beautiful through the years. Solid wood furniture may cost more in the beginning, but often grows in value as it is handed down from one generation to another. Solid wood is naturally resistant to damage from marring and scratching. It is shock-resistant and very durable. Should damage occur, it could be repaired more easily.

Quality Finishing

A fine furniture finish is designed to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood. Color, look, feel, and protection are the characteristics that differentiate the qualities of stain. Less expensive finishes can be the same color as more expensive finishes, but they do not have the same look or feel. The look and feel of a fine finish is very clear, silky to the touch, and has subtle hues that blend together. This creates a softer more sophisticated look.

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Quality Drawer Construction

English Dovetail Drawers

The linchpin to quality drawer construction is the English Dovetail joint technique. This type of joint would be described as a "locking joint." The taper of the male dovetail is turned to the opposite direction in which the drawer is pulled open. With a tightly machined joint and the proper glue, this joint will last for generations. That is part of what creates heirloom quality furniture.

Five-board Drawer Construction

Five-board drawers consist of four sides and a separate drawer face. The face of the drawer is attached to a complete four-board drawer box. This greatly enhances the drawer strength and structural integrity. Due to their superior rigidity, the drawers also hold their squareness better than their four-board counterpart. When combined with full-extension drawer glides or European glides and English dovetailed joinery, you create the best possible drawer system available. Most furniture companies have vastly forgot this system.

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Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Glide System

Furniture builders commonly use wood-on-wood slides or no drawer slides at all in their cabinet construction. These methods, however, are not ideal and are susceptible to warping, binding, and sticking. Unlike wood-on-wood slides, full-extension, ball-bearing glides and European roller glides will assure you of drawers that will open and close easily for years to come. When side mounted, these glides offer you the utmost support and durability. In addition to having the greatest load capacity, the full-extension, ball-bearing drawer glide also extends the drawer to its full length for easy access to the entire drawer.

Secret Storage Furniture

Secret compartments in various pieces of furniture have been designed for home security as well as utility, everybody loves a secret! Perhaps that's why our many hidden compartments are so popular. Wood molding can turn into a secret drawer, a mirror can contain secret space behind it, the cap of a bed post can hide secrets inside of it, and you will find various other unique ideas for safeguarding valuables at Penny Mustard.

Furniture Warranty & Service Commitment

Quality construction techniques allow Penny Mustard to offer lifetime warranties on most collections.

Penny Mustard has a complete commitment to unrivaled customer satisfaction. Our employees are enthusiastic about, loyal to, and proud of Penny Mustard to an unusual degree. This passion is the driving force behind our philosophy to provide every customer with a truly unique and exceptional shopping experience. From the moment you walk through the door, you will enjoy the most outstanding team of associates all with one main focus, to give you extraordinary service.

Custom Built Furniture

Customization Capabilities

Furniture as Unique as You! Our design staff works hard to provide you with new styles and unique designs. By maintaining a close relationship and proximity to our builders, we are able to have a new style or design developed within weeks of conception. Visit one of our expansive showrooms to be one of the first to experience one of these refreshing designs.