Pricing Philosophy

sale (sal) n. Intentionally affecting the mind or behavior to deceptively encourage a purchase. Misleading pricing for a limited time only.

Penny Mustard believes in providing our clients with the lowest possible price every single day. We believe it is dishonest to create a false perception of savings. Many retailers typically mark a five dollar item with a ten dollar price and then offer a fifty percent discount. When you pay five dollars for that item, you think you save five dollars. In reality, it is only a five dollar item to begin with. We treat you the way we would want to be treated, Fairly and Honestly. At Penny Mustard, you can feel comfortable, knowing that your purchase will not go “On Sale” for a lower price than what you paid. Every item is already at its lowest possible price today!

We understand that it is our responsibility in operating a business to reduce overhead, minimize waste, and increase productivity to guarantee you our lowest possible price every day.

The local family shops that handcraft your furniture also embrace the obligation of bringing you the lowest possible price. By working closely with these builders, Penny Mustard eliminates many unnecessary costs that are typically passed on to customers.

Local family shops eliminate factory sales representatives; we work directly with the craftsmen.
Our builders do not have showrooms at regional or national furniture shows.
Our builders do not have marketing departments or advertising budgets.
Local manufacturing of furniture allows us to pass along huge savings in shipping costs. Ninety percent of our furniture is handcrafted in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Our furniture is delivered to us by an employee of the shop or picked up by a Penny Mustard truck using furniture blankets. This eliminates the need for expensive packaging while reducing damage because someone who really cares is handling your furniture.

In our constant determination to bring you the lowest price, the two things we will never sacrifice are the quality of your furniture and your shopping experience!

General Online Content Disclaimer

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